Are you feeling the need to grow a garden this year???

If you answer is yes then you are in good company!!

With all the uncertainty and loss of work hours and shortage of groceries this is a common thought right now! 




But what if you have no idea how to garden???... What if gardening has been too hard in the past???

What if I told you it doesn't have to be

What if I told you you can get a LARGER harvest with LESS WORK?

LESS pest... LESS weeds... LESS watering... LESS disease... LESS heat... LESS WORK!

What if I told you there's different methods than a typical garden uses that would lighten the hardship all while giving you more blessings!

What if I did better than told you... what if I showed you! 

What if I told you I'll help you learn all you need to know? 



Well I've created this course to do JUST that!

Do you need a COMPLETE gardening course???...

At a MASSIVE discount???



Your garden should add to life and be a blessing not a burden that steals from you! It should be something you and your whole family ENJOY!!! Giving you nourishment and pleasure while SAVING you tons of money!






The Complete Work Smarter Not Harder Gardening Course is open and taking new students!!!

What will you learn in this course?

We will start at the foundation.. with your soil and how to properly prepare a healthy soil then move into everything planting... who, what, when, where, why, and how... then we will move into dealing with all the common problems like irrigation, pest, disease, and fertilizer.. all the way up to basic seed saving.... all that while working smarter not harder with organic minded methods. You will be learning some unusual methods that go against the typical way of thinking and stepping out of the box!



Who am I?

I'm Kaleigh! I've been gardening and homesteading for 15 years. Before that I worked in a horticultural center and greenhouse for several years. Close to 20 years of experience!

I'm passionate about getting the most nutritious food with the highest production and with the least amount of work as possible. I strive to maintain a healthy balance with nature! A balance that is sustainable and nourishing for us and the Earth.

After struggling to do a typical garden for years with a hidden chronic illness that zapped me of my energy and ended up disabling me I was pushed to find other methods that lessen the workload for the entire season while giving the best outcome.

I want to share those methods with you! I want you to experience the best outcome you possibly can and get the most nourishing food you can while still enjoying your everyday life!


Why should you have a garden?

Did you know that some spinach loses 90% of it's vitamin c within 24 HOURS of being harvested

Did you know that most produce loses 30% of ALL nutrients within just 3 days of being harvested. 

I wonder how long it takes produce at the store to get harvested, washed, packaged, shipped across the country or farther, stocked at the store, bought, and then sit in your fridge till you use it. I wonder how much nutrition that produce loses in that time.

Growing nutritious food is one reason!



Really in this day and age it's a MASSIVE reason for everyone!!!




Did you know you can get a pack of lettuce seed for an average of $2.75 containing about 300 or more seeds. 300 lettuce plants can grow an amazing amount of little salad boxes worth of greens.

How much does an organic salad box cost?? How about around $3.50 for a small one and about $6 for a large?

SAVING money is another huge reason! Save your own seeds and the savings just grew even more!




Having your food in your control is another reason!

Did you see how quickly the grocery stores shelves got low with all this going on?

It is really scary!

Grow your own and you have it and enough to share! 



Protecting your food from harmful chemicals is another reason!

The reasons go on and on... vitamin D levels... grounding... healthy skin and gut microbiome... fresh air... happiness and improved mood and on and on! 





Whether you're living a full life that makes it difficult to fit in growing nutritious food.... having health problems that has you needing as healthy and fresh food as possible without draining your body's precious energy..... or you're looking for new methods to maximize your time, efforts, and yields THIS is the course for you!!!




The normal price for this course is $198..

I'm offering a special SALE with all the things going on right now!!! I feel knowing how to grow your own food is extremely important and needed information! I feel impressed to share with others right now with a


CURRENT SALE price is $99!!!


Let's get you growing!!!!

Let's get you growing the right way! The working smarter not harder way!

Image Image


Let's get you growing the way the ENTIRE family will enjoy!

Feel free to reach out with any questions!

This course is being given in a private Facebook group set up as a social learning experience! You get the benefit of working personally with me in the group daily. You also get to share your experience and questions with fellow students that are working for the same goal as you!

I'm not putting an end date on this sale as what the future holds is uncertain right now. So I'm offering this promotion till I see fit not to anymore.

Course Summary.

  •  Intro
    • a summary of what you will be learning in this course
    • intro to me and my history with gardening for over 15 years
  • discussing a typical garden dream story (what the garden everyone wants and what it looks like)
  • discussing reality’s garden story (discovering all the challenges that usually happen) then moving on with how to deal with those challenges
  • Do NOT till your garden!!!
    • We will discuss how tilling damages your soil and ruins your garden success for the whole season and longer
  • How do you properly prepare a garden when not tilling?
    • Discussion of materials and how to apply them for mulch gardening. Pros and cons of the different materials
  • Positive effects from mulch gardening and how it effects the following
    • weeds
    • pests
    • irrigation
    • fertilizer
    • disease
    • increase production
    • soil PH and microbiome
    • and more!
  • Worms -your best tiller!
  • When to plant
    • planting by the moon
    • Zones and frost dates
    • Plants preferred planting time
    • seasonal gardens
      • when to plant what
      • Making the most production out of your space by planting seasonal gardens
  • Where to plant and how to work with different landscape situations.
  • Working with retaining walls, raised beds, and containers
  • Making non usable areas usable.
  • What to plant
    • What do you like and eat a lot of..
      • Canning or fresh
      • Is it a single harvest or a continual harvest
      • Can you extend it’s season
      • Big or small quick or slow
      • Finding plants resistant to pest or disease 
  • You know what and when, now lets learn how.
    • plant spacing
    • companion planting ( for use of space, pest control, and plant rigor)
    • planning your garden in advance
    • learning to read packs
    • direct sow and transplanting
    • seed size and plant depth
    • bed verses row
    • learning to recognize seeds that need light or not covered
    • dealing with seeds that can’t dry out to germinate
  • Irrigation
    • one of the best benefit of mulch is the lack of work watering  and benefits of rain and dew
    • different types of irrigation
  • Weeds
    • best tools
    • prevention
    • moon cycle weeding
  • Pest
    • learn how to let nature help you
    • essential oils
    • companion planting
    • natural pesticides that really WORK including living ones that work for you
  • Harvesting
    • Cut and come again harvest
    • Pick and increase
    • Extending the garden
  • Intro to basic seed saving for  the everyday gardener